About Thira

Thira in Malayalam language means ‘wave’. Malayalam is spoken by about 35 million people in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It has a long coast line, with numerous rivers, ponds, lakes and backwaters. Known for it’s natural beauty, it is also called ‘God’s own country’.

Fish and tapioca are the staple food of the local people. Coconut, from which the state derives it’s name from (Kera), can also be found in abundance. It is liberally used in almost all the food preparations and its oil is the medium of cooking.

The scintillating Masala Dosa (rice and lentil pancake with spicy potato stuffing) is ranked 9th in the word’s most favourite food.

The refreshing arrival of ‘Thira’ in Blackburn will provide it’s people with authentic south Indian cuisine (from the dishes to the decor). The menu featuring traditional dishes like Masala Dosa, Appam, Prawn Moily, Kozhikodan Biryani etc are prepared by the magic hands of a top notch chef with 20 years experience in 5 star hotels including the world famous Taj group of hotels.

We look forward to welcoming the people of Lancashire to sample the taste of Kerala food with prices easy on their pockets. We are determined to make a ripple in the local food business and your continued support and patronage will certainly make it a ‘wave’.